Social Media
Posted on: 11/22/2015, by : Roger Meadows

Ever since its initiation, the internet has definitely become an intricate part of life where many people depend on its access for everyday activities like shopping, education, social networking, home security, banking and other related activities. Besides these activities, social networking that seems to be one of the major attraction of the internet may be seen as either a blessing or even a curse.

Remarkably in education, social media is seen as a positive indicator of the advancement in education as well as its practices. However, it’s hard to deny the negative influences that accompanies the social networking to our children. The following are some of the ways the social Media can spoil our children.

Hate speech


Children making use of the Facebook or even other social media sites are actually at a greater menace of suffering from the hate speech. This particular problem may be more serious for the children that belong to the minorities and also communities which are discriminated against. When it comes to the online interactions, individuals with unknown identities can easily engage in the hate speech or even disrespectful behavior.

Identity theft


This is one of the negative impacts of social medial on our children. In fact, one of the big challenges with social networking is that children often don’t fully read and understand the privacy settings of some of their accounts. As a matter of fact, they are usually unaware of the many risks of revealing unnecessary personal information. A recent survey reveals that about 20% of the young people think that it is perfectly safe to post their photos and personal information online. Such children can easily become victims of the identity theft.



Cyber bullying


One of the dangers of the social media is simply cyber bullying. It mostly occurs when an individual uses sites such as Facebook so as to adopt a threatening behavior towards a certain person during a discussion or even sends threatening messages. This may end up hurting your people.



This is the obsessive monitoring or else giving much attention towards the victim who might feel harassed at the end. It can be done in a number of different ways using the social media. At times, a spouse or an ex-boyfriend might get angry at the collapse of a relationship and use social media in pursing the victim. Also, a relationship that was developed online may get sour and the private information shared may be used by the stalker.

These are some of the things that usually leave behind the question; will social Media spoil our children?