How To Deal With Petrol and Diesel Misfuelling
Posted on: 10/12/2017, by : Roger Meadows

With the rising number of vehicles on our roads today, it will come to no surprise that it is now a common phenomenon that many people have at some point experienced the misfortune of misfuelling their cars. Petrol and diesel misfuelling is not only an unfortunate event, but it can be a costly happening too. In most cases, insurance policies do not cover these happenings.

When you misfuel your car, it does not mean that you will only need to empty your fuel tank to deal with that problem entirely. It can lead to much worse damage that can cost you more than you anticipated. In the worst case scenario, you may end up changing the entire fuelling system, or in some instances, some other car engine parts can be damaged beyond repair hence needing to be replaced by new ones. But if by mistake you have discovered that you have is -fuelled your car, here are some of the steps on how you should handle the situation.

Stop fuelling immediately

qwerewertIf you have put a splash of the wrong fuel into your tank, experts argue that you can get away with it. But, this is only if there is less that 5% of the wrong fuel in your tank. If you want to take the risk and keep driving on, you are advised to stop frequently so that you top up the diesel if it is the right fuel. This will reduce the percentage of the petrol that may be in your tank quickly.

The filling station attendants

It is very important that once you realize that you have is-fuelled your car, that you inform the station attendants. They will know how to deal with your case as they have seen this happen to helpless motorists all the time. If in any case, they will require you to move your car, kindly request them to assist you in pushing it. You are also advised in this case to turn your key in the ignition enough so that you can unlock your steering. Do not ignite your car nor should you illuminate the dashboard.

Misfuelling services specialist

If the people who offer you your breaking services are not around or cannot be easily reached, the people at the filling station will most likely recommend a suitable breakdown company. You should not be quick into using any towing company which you are not comfortable with. Instead, you can find a well-known operator in that area using Google.

Do not rush

qwertytrertyuIf you decide that you will want to sort out the issue before you continue your journey, you can wait for your tank to be drained and cleaned as this can take less than an hour. Afterward, it will be fitted, and you will fill it with the right fuel, and you will drive away.

Secure your car properly

If you are in a hurry and you can’t wait, make sure you park the car properly and leave it in a safe place as it waits to be worked on. But if you want to avoid all this, the best way that you can avoid misfuelling is by putting a sticker on the fueling filter so that it can remind you which is the right fuel.