daaaaaAfter the Paris attacks on November 13th, 2015 where 129 people lost their lives and many more got injured, France and the rest of the world was sent to a state of shock. This was the second major terrorist attack in Paris in the same year; In January, an attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices left12 dead and 11 injured. The news was on the social media within minutes.

After the November attacks, the U.K. Foreign Office and the US State Department as well as other countries offered advice on the possibility of further attacks, though security and law enforcement agencies all over the world are working around the clock to curb such attacks. Well then, how safe is it to travel to France?

In spite all the alarmist warnings against visiting France, the answer to this question, can only be a resounding YES. Generally speaking, Paris and indeed the whole of France is very safe. And not unless an international terror campaign breaks out in the coming future, France remains a safe destination to visit.

It’s very important to view things in perspective. First, it’s appropriate to note that security measures have hugely being stepped up and there’s greater co-operation between foreign governments and international agencies than ever before, so there is the belief that the terrorists might find it a lot harder to organize themselves.

There is a huge security presence in France which probably means that it’s as safe as can be, though you are likely to experience delays at airports as well as on Eurostar because of the additional security. Border control checks also got implemented at every entry point into France.

The next attack, when it happens, might be again in France; but it’s just as likely to take place in England or the U.S. or Russia, or Australia… not to mention Kenya or Japan. And it may be somewhere else not just in Paris – Marseille, Toulouse or Lyon, the same way it could take place in Edinburgh, Lisbon or Stockholm or Innsbruck or Munich. It could take place on a train or at a major airport. No one knows.

Statistically, you’re much more likely to be a road accident victim (as a passenger, driver or pedestrian) than a terror attack victim while on your visit to France. You’re actually more likely to be a victim of accidental food poisoning in your country, than a terror attack victim in France. It’s very important to view things in proportion, than get yourself carried away by unfounded anxieties.

So to the above question; the answer again has to be yes. Even if, instead of visiting for a week or 2 to France, you decide to remain in your own home, or venture into a remote spot far away from any terrorists’ wildest dreams, you still could be an accident victim…Be it a road accident or other. Absolute safety does not exist.
A terrorist attack is one among dozens of unlikely misadventures that can befall a tourist while they are on holiday anywhere. And compared to many other places, France in 2015 will remain a pretty good destination to visit, in terms of relative safety.