A Guide On How To Use Glass Bongs
Posted on: 12/17/2016, by : Roger Meadows

Whether you’re a marijuana user or have been a fanatic of cannabis for quite a while, odds are you’re familiar with how a glass bong looks like. There are cannabis users of all experience levels who haven’t attempted a bong. In case you’re in that classification and are keen on experimenting with a bong, you can learn here all that you have to know to make your first bong experience awesome. Take a look at the cheap bongs and choose one that suits your preference.

1. Begin with a Clean Glass Bong

If you purchase a new bong, it shouldn’t have any staff in it. In any case, much the same as kitchen item or different things that you eat/drink out of, it’s still a smart thought to do a thorough cleaning with cleanser and high temp water.

2. Include Ice (Optional)

You can add ice to the highest point of your bong if it has ice catcher. While this is entirely discretionary, the reason numerous people like it is because it cools the smoke before you breathe in it.


3. Pour in Water

Pour water into your glass bong. For the best experience, include filtered water. You need the water level to be around a creep over the diffuser. The diffuser is the bit of glass that goes into the bong and resembles a test tube. Filling to that level will provide you with an ideal experience when you hit your bong.

4. Load Your Bowl

The bowl is the little piece that fits into the diffuser. Before filling your bowl, make sure to select any seeds that might be in your cannabis. When smoking out of a bong, it’s fine to leave stems in. Now you can fill the bowl with your ground cannabis. Everybody has their strategy for loading a bowl. If you do inadvertently stop up the hole, you can fix the issue by utilizing something little like a toothpick or paperclip to move the cannabis around.

5. Light the Bowl and Breathe in Slowly


Find why we prescribe lighting your bowl with hemp wick. Attempt to light the side of the marijuana with the goal that you don’t burn everything on the first hit. Once the bowl is hit, you will need to put the highest point of the bong around your lips and after that take in gradually. You need to mimic what it resembles to suck in through a straw.

6. Lift the Bowl and Inhale the Hit

By breathing in gradually, the glass bong ought to load with smoke. When it’s full, you will need to haul the bowl out and afterward breathe in all the smoke. The most recognized error learners make at this step is feeling forced to fill the bong off with an excess of smoke. By giving it a chance to load with less smoke yet concentrating on completely breathing in the hit, you’ll have a charming hit and minimize reactions like choking or substantial coughing.