Features of a model library
Posted on: 10/12/2017, by : Roger Meadows

A library is considered to be fundamental in the mental and educational growth of a human being. Moreover, a community library is a space where the public can seek knowledge, information, and enjoyment. As they say, information is power, and in that regard, a good reading culture will set you on a path towards excellence. However, it is important to ensure that the library to which you ascribe is of supreme quality. All the best libraries have certain qualities that enable them to operate efficiently and thereby meet the needs of different users with diverse interests. Your community library should create a substantive ground for you to explore, develop and discover your passion and interests.

In this regard, you ought to find help here in order to be mindful of the various qualities of a great library, and the primary ones are enlisted as follows;

Books selection

The bottom line here is that the library must have diversity in their books. The library should endeavor to classify their content as follows;

Children bookskesbgjwekbgwkgb

In this category, it is prudent to have fables and fairy tales for younger children. Also, in this classification, it is important to have books based on travels, adventures inventions, parallel textbooks, biographies, and dictionaries for the older children.

Teachers’ books

This section will contain books that represent different educational faculties, and therefore any teacher will have his specialty. Such can be based on the curriculum that the community subscribes to.

Adult books

The community library must also cater to adults such that you can find music, DVDs, and Microfilms which are relevant to the locals. This section will also have biographies and nonfictional titles.


The library should be able to give readers a serene ambiance that is conducive for their studies. Equipment includes shelves, furniture, graphic pictures, flowers, and computers. The room should have fresh air and refurbished basic amenities like washrooms.


kefbqekjbfjkqebfqkjIt is important to have a librarian that has a good educational background. The staff must also exude professionalism and adequate knowledge to enable them to discharge their duties effectively. They must also have skills in cataloging and indexing so that they keep order and assist the readers therein.

Library rules

A community library must have sufficient rules in order to instill order among the staff and readers. Without such rules, the library could be rendered dysfunctional. Therefore it is important to have library periods, lending policies and methods of distribution. Cataloging is also critical in expediting the book selection process.