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Your Comprehensive Bridge into Spain



Labor, Tax and Accounting Management

Find and select your labor, tax and accounting manager specialized in international companies that can report in English.

15 days



We are experts

In AFFIRMA, we have a large staff of lawyers, consultants, accountants and commercial experts, all specialized in international companies that want to set foot in Spain.

Lawyer-Legal assistance

Find and select a lawyer-legal councel that will provide you with professional assistance in legal matters such as trademarks, patents, data protection, banking, taxes, international legal matters, etc.

30 days



Expert in international taxation

Find and select an international tax consultant specialized in international companies that can report in English.

15 days




30 days



The best sites

AFFIRMA has prestigious business centers located in the most strategic and emblematic places of Madrid and Barcelona. All centers meet customer needs: from one single workplace to multiple offices set out in different configurations.

Find a suitable office in a representative place, check availability for occupancy, then hire the best office solution for your company.


Compilation of data and records; Assessment

Collection of business mercantile records, records on labor, tax, accounting and immigration. Legal assessment on such legal matters as patents, trademarks, data protection.

15 days


7 days

In Record Time

Thanks to our expertise in companies seeking to set up business in Spain, we have all the necessary optimal resources and the best staff for office and business center management. We can therefore provide excellent management solutions for the best business performance in record time.

The advantages of “in company” business

Once your business has been established, benefit from that initial entrepeneurial push by harnessing AFFIRMA´s vast “in-company” resources. If you need legal assessment, accountants or lawyers, you will find them within easy reach door to door with your office.

Saving costs

By consolidating all business transactions and services with one provider, you simplify not only all your business activity and procedures, but also add business flexibility at a much better price. You win by three: in tranquility, time and costs. Some benefits are just priceless.

Commercial Assessment

Comprehensive commercial assessment on choosing between different types of commercial companies.
Assessment and elaboration of company statutes, sending reports and consultations with clients.

15 days


1 day

Constitution of a limited liability company or commercial company

Formalizing and submiting applications for a corporate charter, administrative procedures, appearance before a notary to formalize the partnership, set up a branch, etc., settlement of taxes and fees, etc.

15 days


6 days

Registration of a limited liability company or commercial company

Tax registration of the company with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), inscription in the Social Security and other administrative transactions.

15 days


1 day


Simulation of remuneration of company employees, executives and expatriates.

15 days


1 day

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